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  11/02/2020 08:48
Blue Pulse Group is a modern education and service provider group. Our motto, Reinventing Lifesaving, describes best what we wish to achieve each and every time we provide training courses, which are not limited to First Aid only but also include a great variety of Lifeguarding and Health and Safety courses.
Having to deal literally with the thin line between life and death, innovation and creativity is the only path we allow ourselves to take. Utilising cutting-edge equipment and the most current market trends in the aforementioned sectors, we strive for optimal results. To name a few such novelties, we use virtual reality headsets to enact real-life emergency scenarios as well as Artificial Intelligence systems that record and assess the performance of each student individually, as well as giving them recommendations on how they can improve. In addition, Blue Pulse offers interactive presentations of various emergency scenarios with mannequins that have been especially modified by top make-up artists in order to be as realistic as possible.

Since 2008, Blue Pulse has taken training in the above-mentioned areas to a whole new and different level, as we have launched tailor-made packages to suit both government bodies as well as private clients. Thus, Blue Pulse not only provides the required training with stimulating educational techniques but also adjusts the training to the entities’ needs by supplying clients with specialised high-tech equipment as well as experts in the field. The quality we provide can be substantiated by the two ISO certifications we have been awarded (ISO 29990 and ISO 9001/15) as well as by the numerous clients we have served over the years. In addition, our training courses are subsidized and fully covered by the Human Resource Development Authority (HRDA).

As an approved training centre for global organisations like the Royal Lifesaving Society (RLSS), PADI, SSI, EFR and DAN, as well as having been authorised by the Department of Labour Inspection and the Human Resource Development Authority to be an official operator for such trainings, we keep growing and developing our training services in order to maximise the client-based experience. Our latest effort is to use holograms and other interactive tools to transform each training into a truly immersive experience.

The provision of Lifesaving and First Aid courses in Cyprus used to be a neglected area. In addition, when offered, courses were rudimentary and monotonous. Hence, when Blue Pulse was founded, there were minimal opportunities for funding. Furthermore, the market itself was very conservative, even though Cypriot law clearly states the need for such training. The drive to succeed, though, has allowed Blue Pulse to become highly successful through hard work and valuable cooperation with big corporations and organisations. The executive team invested in the latest available technology, which, in turn, allowed for quality certifications and further alliances.

Being trained by Blue Pulse in any of the aforementioned sectors means, first of all, an inclusive training with specialists from all around the world. In addition, our clients get to choose from a substantial number of simulation scenarios which allow them to visualise every step they will be called to perform if needed. This hyper-realistic training has been effective for a number of years and we soon aim to take it to the next level. Aiming higher and higher, we intend to be the first company in Europe that uses a virtual trainer and victim in the form of a holograph. In addition, we are also developing brand-new interactive e-books that will be available as audio books in order to facilitate learning for all types of readers.

Blue Pulse is, by nature, a company that cares about the human condition. Thus, it is in the core values of the company to provide a safe and pleasant environment, firstly, to its employees and secondly to the community in which it operates. Blue Pulse understands the responsibility that such training brings and hence it has decided to be part of a Common Social Responsibility (CSR) scheme, which basically provides free training courses to community centres.

Having laid down strong foundations, our vision is now to expand to bigger European and non-European markets. Even today, the number of people being trained as First Aiders is still not adequate if we compare it with the number of accidents and emergencies that occur. Having accumulated so much knowledge and technological expertise, we believe that our expansion is not only desirable but also necessary. We already expanded to Greece a few months ago with great results. Furthermore, we intend to train people in secluded rural areas by providing mobile training units at their premises or at our own state-of-the-art training centres.
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